Partner Spotlight

Partner Spotlight is our selective process of introducing and shining some light on the achievements of our most exciting collaborations with companies across the globe. These partners are disrupting the tech world with innovation and digitally transforming, maintaining and securing best in class solutions.

Name:Akhilesh Tripathi

Company:Quotientica Pvt Ltd


Description: Quotientica deals with financial transactions fraud scoring using multiple channels and multiple data use cases for 360-degree protection. It offers the opportunity to grow business quickly, efficiently, and continuously, using data that you already have.

Name:Originator X

Company:Originator X


Description: OriginatorX is an Equity and Asset issuing Platform offering organizations and individuals access to our full security audited protocols that facilitate the Underwriting and Creation of standardized ERC20 tokens backed by Company Equity or Assets, and the set up of their Auction pricing contracts. OriginatorX underwrites the entire process and delivers a powerful management and audit application to Issue ERC20 Tokens and streamline them into the new global economy by SmartContract Auctions. Individuals and Organisations can now codify, decentralize, secure, and trade just about anything

Name:Gary Repchuk

Company:Xpay Worldwide Corporation


Description: XPAY.Worldwide Corporation is a globally deployed, boutique technology platform provider. We deliver a blend of Payment & Banking as a Service alongside a suite of more than 20 Enterprise Operations and Financial technologies that allow our clients to digitize their operations, execute payments, and optimize transactional data/customer habits to grow their businesses. We are the bridge, bringing traditional businesses into the digital world of business operations and payment.

Name:Gina Leslie


Description:Axepay is a powerful gateway that seamlessly processes multiple transaction payment types (B2B, B2C, B2B2C) and specializes in offering cross-border payment rails for onboarding in more than 42 Countries including China. Payment Rails provide access to payouts and receiving funds from over 180 Countries. Our ability, through strategic partners, provides Compliance, EKYC, and AML Internationally including China. Integrated connection to global E-KYC & AML verification, Multi-Payments Gateway, E-commerce / E-billing / E-escrow Payments/MPOS solution, International FX settlements, Cross-border Payments, Prepaid Cards & top-up, Single or Bulk Pay-in & Pay-out

Name:Cherry Wilkins

Company:ITD Solutions

Description: ITD Solutions, Inc. is a cloud services master agency helping you sell everything cloud. With the ever-changing world of technology, how do you keep on top of what is best for your company? Who has time to analyze all the options? At ITD we unbiasedly represent all Cloud Service providers, voice, data, VoIP, and UCaaS providers around the globe making sure you have the best in class technology for your exact needs. Save time and energy and let us help you find the best migration path to the Cloud!

Name:Brandon Burr

Company:JetWebinar Inc


Description: JetWebinar is the leading real-time live and simulated live webinar hosting platform on the market today. Our unique platform empowers marketers with the ability to easily stream low-latency and large scale broadcasts either live or automated.