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SMARTCARD MARKETING SYSTEMS INC. (OTCQB:SMKG) ANNOUNCES MAINSTREAM FOCUS ON BANKING AS A SERVICE (BAAS) FOR CHALLENGER AND NEO BANKS – BANK IN A BOX! The Rise of Challenger Banks and Neobanking “Every year more and more Fintechs start offering banking services to their clients. The overall number of Challenger banks and digital-only banks is growing. As of 2020, there were more than 300 Neobanks launched worldwide. The Neobanking sector was projected to grow at a CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of 5% between 2019 and 2026, generating about $394B by 2026, according to Zion Market Research.” Source link: Neobanks and Challenger banks: What, where, why, and how? - N-iX The company SMKG highlights its technology portfolio of Paytech, Fintech and Blockchain solutions for Cloud, Mobility and E-commerce. The News and reports on the Future of Banking and role of Fintech further confirms the company’s futuristic approach in developing market ready solutions. SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (OTC: SMKG) a boutique Fintech and Paytech Firm offering Ecommerce, Cloud and Mobility Platforms as a Service with its 22+ technology Suite IP Portfolio designed to cater to Multi-Industry Multi-tenant Marketplace solutions, recently announced that its Chabot AI and Super Apps platforms provide a digital strategy unlike any other offers because of our extensive Paytech platforms which include Cross- border Payments (Payout and Collections) and Xpay World for Card Payments for Mobile Wallets, E-commerce and Point-of-Sales). The digitization of banking is important for diversifying services and improving user experiences. In many countries banks are closing branches and offering mobile services through vans with bank machines, Governments are recognizing the importance of the future of banking and implementing policies to encourage innovation in the fintech and banking sectors. The current challenges faced by the banking industry: 1. Digitization and User Experience 2. Rise of App-based Challenger Banks 3. Open Banking and Data Sharing 4. Security in a Digital World 5. Providing Comprehensive Services To thrive in the digital landscape, SMKG:OTCQB Offers traditional banks solutions to leverage their long-term relationships with their customers by offering holistic and personalized services. They can consolidate various financial functionalities into a single app and provide features such as Cards, Mobile Wallets, Marketplace, Cross-border Payments, Crypto and a secure engagement between merchants and consumers associated with the Bank. We at SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc. with our IP Portfolio of 22+ Tech Suite assists Banks to: • Embrace digitization and improve online user experiences to meet customer expectations. • Adapt to the rise of app-based challenger banks by adopting a digital-first approach and innovating in service offerings. • Utilize open banking regulations to engage with customers • Explore the potential of blockchain technology for faster and safer transaction processing. • Enhance security measures to protect against threats and scams. • Provide comprehensive and personalized financial services through a single platform, combining cutting-edge technology with existing consumer data. • Act as advisors to customers, offering holistic services in one place. We provide white-label SaaS customized platforms to the specifics of our clients requirements. SMKG is well positioned to global markets. Dharmesh Vora, President of Enterprise at SMKG stated, “We are transforming traditional banking systems by offering innovative services through our vast library of resources by packaging our offerings via Platforms as a Service. We are helping Conventional banking catch up with the market by adopting a digital-first approach and offering platforms and apps allowing their customers to adopt at a much faster pace and aiming at stopping the departures and increase the new business opportunities. We are making progress by working with traditional and new banks including the NEO and Challenger Bank segment and uncovering substantial growth in multiple markets by transforming them. We realized how critical the channel partner market is and the importance they play in the decision process with Banks. This has opened a major pipeline of opportunities for us by collaborating on multiple fronts.” ABOUT SMARTCARD MARKETING SYSTEMS INC (OTCQB: SMKG): SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (OTC: SMKG) is an industry leader in specialized industry Multi-Tenant E-Commerce, Cloud and Mobility applications delivering White-Label solutions to the global PayTech and FinTech markets. SMKG is a boutique technology company, providing Business Intelligence, Commerce Strategies and Digital Transformation with a proprietary portfolio of applications and wireframes for Banking, Enterprises and Retail e-Wallets offering Cross-border Payments, Blockchain Protocols, Crypto Issuing, Chatbot AI, NFT Minting, Tokenization, Digital ID-eKYC, Digital Automation Strategies with option for “License to Own” marketplace applications. For more info visit or visit our business applications marketplace at