challange Check21saas

-Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) & X9 file submission clearing for Financial Institutions -. Cloud based solution with Head Office Admin dashboard, remote Branch operations dashboard and treasury client dashboard & scanners -SAAS service for Financial Institutions & Global Enterprises processing with OCR

challange Axepay

-E-KYC -CMS module -FX settlement -Cross Border RMB settlement

challange Articul8te

-Our more recent release for Sales, Content & Task management application both Web & Mobile. -A suite of features includes; Private or Public mode with Group set-up, To-do-Lists, Social-media & Articles publishing -Creating Tasks and Invites, with tracking and calendar functionality.

challange Onroute

-Customer booking application for Car Service -Customizable interface -Transaction based SAAS model -Track your employees -Track your driver -Track your package -Geo Tracking -Real time

challange Mytravel

-Designed to capture the Consumer & Business pre-order food market -Onboard or inflight menu sales -The application allows transport operators to easily integrate and import menu options.

challange QrGuru

The digital lead generator using QR codes for automated management of Prize Scan campaigns, Event registry check-in and Personalized target shopping pages.


-A real-time digital solution with integrated Wallet and API’s -Digital couponing & incentives -Card management module for both issuer or membership user experience -Proximity beacon technology for marketing ads & promoting offers -Social media wizard -Merchant & Customer APPs for frictionless transactions -Fully integrated payment gateway -Real-time data and analytics

challange Granularchain is a new methodical approach to the chain. The Virtual exchange engine allows Enterprises, Businesses and Individuals to exchange profiles and data securely.


-A digital Events & Mobile ticketing management solution. -Create your Events, Conferences, Exhibitors, Collaborators, Partner Suppliers, Ticketing and registrations -Web & Mobile Applications with fully integrated payment gateway - Fully integrated with modules for seamless user experience


-Your Profile Review is a people search engine that organizes public records and social network information into simple profiles to help you safely find and learn about people -Building a case file on individuals is now a simple task

challange Menu.Events

Great value catering menus, services and experienced event consultants to help you create a fantastic event!


-A digital job seeker solution for both merchant and job seeker -This innovative solution is QR Code based and allows the job seeker to simply upload their CV and Profile within seconds -Allows the merchant to have access to hundreds of pedestrians without interrupting business


-Mobile invitation for events and social gatherings -Geo-localization


Need work done? Or have work ready to offer? Post your project for any freelance jobs: from web design, mobile app development, virtual assistants, product manufacturing and graphic design, and receive competitive bids from companies within minutes.

challange CMS

EmphasisPay is a customizable white labeled CMS/Marketplace built for managing resellers, distributors, vendors and partners forms and products

challange Business-Case

Cloud SAAS Technology, industry classifications & Use case descriptions.