Ijobs.Shop New Update Release 2020-01-03 10:32:00

Ijobs.Shop new release of Vendor marketing to Merhcants. The newest release allows to advertise using geo location for targeted marketing.

OriginatorX - Issuing Asset Tokens 2019-11-26 09:30:00

The self service tokenization platform 1.0 is the first product public release by OriginatorX. This release offers clients access to our full security audited protocols that facilitate the creation of standardized ERC20 tokens backed by company equity and the set up of their auction pricing contracts. The digital transformation of assets has become the new economy. OriginatorX underwrites the entire process and delivers a powerful management application to Issue Tokens and streamline them into the new global economy. Crypto Equity is a sustainable method of representing ownership rights of a company on the blockchain. Just how fiat currency was once backed by gold; Crypto Equity tokens are backed by equity. Shares represent ownership, claim to asset, claim to revenue and participation, compensating investors for the risk in case of a default. You can specify the representation of the token through the platform. Setup smart contracts AUCTION &, DISTRIBUTION You can set up your presale and sale auction contracts by selecting the price behavior of your choosing. We provide you tools to guide you in personalizing your auction. You can also mange the distribution of your tokens by setting up vesting, lock-in, dividend allocation smart contracts. Think of it as your Token CapTable on the blockchain! For more info reach us at info@origimatorx.com or sales@smartcardmarketingsystems.com

Articul8te New Module Update 2019-11-25 10:46:00

New module update added for Vendor and Supplier listing.